Custom Made Jewellery

Unique to you – and only you – Matthew Ely will impeccably recreate artwork from your imagination. 

Matthew’s bespoke pieces, immaculately designed and unparalleled in quality, are created and finessed in consultation with his clients. This is your chance to be involved in the creative process, designing a piece that’s perfect for you, or for someone simply perfect.

From engagement rings to wedding bands, statement necklaces and diamond bracelets, every custom creation is sketched, designed and handcrafted in store; each gem individually sourced, polished and placed, with its own story to tell.

Matthew Ely Collection

Handcrafted jewellery that is simply irreplaceable, created with the rarest and most beautiful gems sourced from across the globe.

Be inspired by the Matthew Ely Collection. Engagement rings, wedding bands, statement necklaces, bold earrings, tennis bracelets, cocktail rings, perfect pearls, diamond classics. It all starts here.

A world-renowned artisan, Matthew transforms ideas onto paper, bringing stories to life as spectacular jewellery; true wearable works of art.

The Matthew Ely Experience

It is not simply the jewel, but the experience behind it. 

Unsurpassed luxury with that ‘little something extra’, a hint of enchantment and alluring surprise – every step of the way. 

From French champagne at private consultations, to intimate event invites and experiences, expect the unexpected.