'Iluka' by Matthew Ely

17 years in the making, Matthew Ely is proud to present this truly Australian design. Inspired by nature and crafted 100% by hand, Iluka features 713 Argyle pink and white diamonds, and one of the largest and longest known strands of Keshi pearls in existence.

Sourced from off the coast of Broome, these 42 Keshi pearls were the inspiration for Iluka. The largest, measuring 19.43mm, is encased between four diamond and hand-carved crystal quartz petals: a detachable lotus flower brooch.

The lotus is set with 534 round brilliant cut white diamonds, weighing 9.87ct, and 144 round brilliant cut Argyle pink diamonds, weighing 3.56ct.

The Making Of A Miracle

700 hours of handcrafting.
42 Keshi pearls.
713 Argyle pink & white diamonds.
This is the story of Iluka.

The Finer Details

Crafted 100% by hand over more than 700 hours, Iluka features a remarkable strand of 41 Keshi pearls, with an additional 19.43mm Keshi pearl in the detachable lotus flower brooch.

These incredibly rare pearls were sourced over a period of 13 years. They measure 14.33mm to 19.43mm, compared to the average Keshi length of 2-8mm.

The detachable Keshi pearl and diamond brooch was inspired by Australia’s stunning landscape and the aquatic lotus flower. It has been handcrafted in white gold, with an additional four ‘petals’ hand-carved in A-grade crystal quartz, sourced from the White Rock Quarry in South Australia.

The brooch is set with 144 round brilliant cut Argyle pink diamonds, weighing a total 3.56ct, and 534 round brilliant cut white diamonds, weighing 9.87ct.

“I needed to do the Keshis justice; to create something that was fitting to how incredible rare these pearls are. After all, they took 13 years to source!

This strand is one of a kind; there won’t be anything else that comes close. I’ve always loved to push the boundaries of what it’s possible to make.”

Behind the Bench

Iluka is available for private viewings at the Matthew Ely Queen St boutique. Price and further details on request.