Meet Matthew Ely

World-renowned artisan, Matthew Ely brings stories to life as spectacular jewellery; true wearable works of art. Handcrafted, impeccably designed and simply irreplaceable.

Open since 2014, the flagship Matthew Ely Sydney jewellery store is a veritable wonderland of jewels – Argyle pink diamonds, South Sea pearls, rubies, sapphires, emeralds; the rarest, most beautiful gems hand-sourced from across the globe. It is here that the magic happens.

The Matthew Ely Handmade Jewellery Collection

Be inspired by the Matthew Ely Collection.

Timeless and irreplaceable, these one-off pieces of handmade jewellery are sourced, shaped and placed with outstanding craftsmanship and flawless application.

Having trained and worked in London alongside some of the best in the luxury jewellery industry, Matthew is the recipient of multiple honours, including Showcase, World Skills and the prestigious dual Pearl and Diamond Awards at the 2019 Jewellery Design Awards.

Custom Made Jewellery

Unique to you – and only you – Matthew Ely will impeccably recreate artwork from your imagination.

These bespoke jewellery designs, immaculately handcrafted and unparalleled in quality, are created and finessed in consultation with his clients. This is your chance to be involved in the creative process, designing a piece that’s a reflection of your story, or of the love story you share.

From family heirloom remakes and restorations, to diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and uniquely personalised gifts, every piece of custom made jewellery is sketched, designed and handcrafted in store; each gem individually sourced, polished and placed, with its own story to tell.

The Matthew Ely Experience

It is not simply the jewel, but the experience behind it. Unsurpassed luxury with that ‘little something extra’, a hint of enchantment and alluring surprise – every step of the way.

It’s a private consultation while sipping French champagne. In a luxury boutique, you’ll watch as artwork is created; the jewels you imagine – or those you can’t yet fathom – transformed onto paper by Matthew’s own hand.

It’s a leather-bound book, featuring original sketches, certificates, and photographs of your artwork handcrafted in store. The makings of an heirloom.

It’s intimate event invites as a Matthew Ely client, to experience and reimagine the rarest of jewels alongside collectors and industry veterans.

Expect the unexpected. It’s the Matthew Ely Experience.

Our Services

Jewellery Cleaning & Restoration

Bring sparkle to your day by having precious items cleaned and restored. Rejuvenate a well-loved piece to its former beauty and fall in love all over again.

Lifetime Guarantee & Aftercare Service

We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and materials. All Matthew Ely pieces come with a lifetime aftercare service including cleaning, checking & polishing. We recommend having your jewellery cleaned and checked twice a year.

Jewellery Insurance

We offer the highest quality jewellery insurance on new pieces, including worldwide cover and the reassurance that you can return to us for replacement. In addition we are happy to insure your existing pieces to give you peace of mind.

Remodelling, Remake & Redesign

We specialise in bringing new life to old jewellery. Matthew can sit and design with you, transforming family heirlooms into modern classics, creating new pieces with existing gems, or updating your jewellery designs as your taste evolves.


We offer jewellery valuations using the latest equipment and procedures to provide a scientific analysis of precious and semi-precious gems. This is all carried out by a registered valuer.

Expert Jewellery Repairs

We offer a full range of professional jewellery repair services including resizing, restoring, resetting and watch repairs. We incorporate the latest technologies in laser welding and microscopes to ensure the repair is as good as new.


Being an experienced jeweller and gemmologist, Matthew is qualified to provide expert appraisals and gem sourcing to create extraordinary pieces.

International Grading Certificate

It’s important to have confidence in your diamond. We offer premium, internationally certified stones to ensure authenticity and give you peace of mind.