Jewellery Remodelling & Remakes

Family heirlooms are transformed into modern classics thanks to Matthew Ely’s jewellery remodelling. Melding original gemstones with modern styles, Matthew will literally “transform Grandma’s Jewels” into wearable, contemporary pieces.

No story is ever lost in these personalised, delicate jewellery remakes.

“You’re essentially given a canvas that’s half painted; a story half told.

This isn’t just about creating something beautiful. It’s about maintaining a symbolic family connection, using pre-existing gemstones to design new heirlooms.”

Matthew Ely

Our Restorations & Remakes Process

Matthew Ely

Step 1: A Private Consultation

It starts with a private consultation. You will work directly with Matthew Ely to remodel old family gemstones and heirlooms into modern custom jewellery.

South Sea Pearls from Matthew Ely Jewellery

Step 2: Selecting Gemstones, Metals & Style

You’ll select a design and style, blending original stones and settings with contemporary trends. Matthew will run through your various options.

Sketch of a jewellery restoration

Step 3: The First Sketch

Matthew will put pen to paper, finessing a detailed sketch of your piece. You will work together, making any changes required until the design is perfect.

Handcrafting a jewellery restoration

Step 4: Handcrafting at Matthew Ely

Every jewellery remake, restoration or repair is handcrafted at the Matthew Ely boutique. You will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Restoration Stories

A Jewellery Remodelling: 7 Pieces for 7 Nieces

A tray of Grandma's gemstones dating back to the 1920s are transformed into seven modern classics for seven very individual nieces. 

The Making Of: A Family Heirloom

It started with two rings and ten diamonds. The aim? To transform two sentimental heirlooms, our client's late mother’s rings, into one beautiful, iconic piece.

The Chameleon Gem: Colour Change Alexandrite

Is it red? Is it blue? Wait… is it purple? This custom made 4.21ct Natural Chrysoberyl Alexandrite ring has remarkable colour change properties.

Jewellery Remodelling & Remakes Q&As

What types of jewellery and gemstones can be remodelled?

We generally consider this on a case by case basis. Most existing loose gemstones and family heirlooms can be remodelled into new designs, often with the addition of extra gemstones and metals. Existing gold can also be melted down and remodelled into new pieces.

Can I remodel an engagement or wedding ring?

You absolutely can. We often work with engagement and wedding rings that clients want remodelled, whether family heirlooms or rings from a previous marriage.

Can I get my existing jewellery and gemstones valued before remodelling?

Yes, you can. We offer jewellery valuations using the latest equipment and procedures to provide a scientific analysis of precious and semi-precious gems. This is all carried out by a registered valuer.

Do you offer jewellery repairs?

Yes, we offer a full range of professional jewellery repair services including resizing, restoring, resetting and watch repairs.

We incorporate the latest technologies in laser welding and microscopes to ensure the repair is as good as new.

I have some existing gemstones or jewellery that I'd like to remodel into something new, but I'm not sure exactly what I want. Can you help?

We're very happy to work with you to come up with some ideas based on the gemstones or pieces you may have available.

We can also source and add additional gemstones to your design.

We will start your consultation by asking questions and viewing a selection of pieces at the boutique to help clarify your personal style and preferences. Matthew will then sketch a few potential options to help you visualise and decide on a final design.

Alternatively, please feel free to bring in any photographs or links to pieces that you like or would like to replicate the style of.