Custom Made Jewellery

Matthew Ely’s bespoke pieces, immaculately designed and unparalleled in quality, are created and finessed in consultation with his clients.

Every piece of custom jewellery is hand sketched and designed at the Matthew Ely Sydney jewellery boutique; each gem individually sourced, polished and placed, with its own story to tell. 

"For me, jewellery is wearable art.

To create something truly unique, I first need to understand the person who it is for. Their likes and dislikes; their personal style; their own special story and how it will be reflected in this piece.

It all starts with a sketch."

Matthew Ely

Our Bespoke Process

Matthew Ely

Step 1: A Private Consultation

It starts with a private consultation. You will work directly with Matthew Ely, who personally designs each piece of custom made jewellery.

Private custom made jewellery consultation

Step 2: Selecting Gemstones, Metals & Style

Discuss likes and dislikes, try out styles, and select your gemstones. Matthew will run through your options, including the cut, colour, clarity and carat of each gem.

First sketch of a custom made pearl ring

Step 3: The First Sketch

Matthew will transform the jewels you imagine onto paper. You will work together, making any changes required until the sketch and design is perfect.

Handcrafting custom made jewellery

Step 4: Handcrafting at Matthew Ely

Every piece of custom made jewellery is handcrafted at the Matthew Ely boutique; each gem individually sourced, polished and placed, with its own story to tell.

Custom Made Jewellery Stories

The Making Of: A Diamond Tiara

From initial sketch to final product, discover the story of this custom made diamond tiara, handcrafted over 600 hours with 580 diamonds and 11 South Sea Pearls.

The Making Of: A Tourmaline 'Sanctuary'

Discover the story of 'Sanctuary' - a rubellite tourmaline, diamond. sapphire, garnet, amethyst and tanzanite ring (phew!), complete with a hidden octopus and hand-engraved ocean seascape.

The Making Of: A Parisian Masterpiece

Crafted 100% by hand over more than 300 hours in a tiny Parisian studio, this is the story of 'La Parade Azure' - an 18ct White Gold, Apatite & Tahitian Pearl Necklace.

Custom Made Q&As

How does the custom made jewellery process work?

The first step is to book a private custom made jewellery consultation.

While sipping champagne at the luxury Matthew Ely Jewellery boutique, you will work directly with Matthew to conceptualise your piece – whether it’s an engagement ring, an anniversary present, or a future family heirloom.

You’ll discuss and select a design, gemstones, shape, cut, colour and personal touches, working together to finesse the perfect sketch.

From here, your piece will be handmade at the Matthew Ely Sydney jewellery boutique. You will be kept up to date every step of the way, so the final product will exactly match what you envisioned.

Your piece will be presented alongside original sketches, certificates and photographs of the design process.

What should I bring to my custom made consultation?

If you choose, please bring along any photographs, artworks or references that have inspired you.

You are also welcome to bring existing pieces of jewellery or loose gemstones that you would like to have remodelled or incorporated into your new custom design.

I’m not sure what I want. Can I still book a custom made consultation?

While many clients come to their consultation with an idea or inspiration in mind, we are also very happy to work with you from scratch.

We can start your consultation by viewing a selection of pieces on display at the boutique to help clarify your personal style and preferences. We can then sketch out a few potential options to help you visualise and decide on a final design.

What is possible?

The sky's the limit, whether you want to remodel vintage jewellery, incorporate existing family gemstones, or design from scratch. Custom made engagement rings, wedding rings, brooches, statement earrings, intricate engravings... even custom made dog collars!

We have access to a vast range of unique and one-of-a-kind gemstones.

In other words, anything's possible.

Do you design custom engagement rings and wedding rings?

We absolutely do.

Book a private engagement ring or wedding ring consultation to start the process. Whether you're after a classic diamond ring or unique gemstone design, we can run you through the options and help you find the perfect engagement ring or wedding rings.

We'll work within your budget and advise on factors like the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of your chosen gemstone.