Anniversary Jewellery

Anniversary gemstones, assigned to every year of a relationship, are said to symbolise the strengths and qualities of a couple's unique connection. They're also just a great excuse to add some sparkle.

Here's a few to remember: 1st Anniversary (Gold), 3rd Anniversary (Pearl), 5th Anniversary (Sapphire), 10th Anniversary (Diamond), 15th Anniversary (Ruby), 20th Anniversary (Emerald), 30th Anniversary (Pearl), 40th Anniversary (Ruby), 50th Anniversary (Gold), 60th Anniversary (Diamond).

Custom Jewellery

It starts with a private consultation. Work directly with Matthew Ely, who will custom design and handcraft your one-of-a-kind anniversary gift; a future family heirloom.

From selecting the gemstone and style (whether it’s a completely new design or remodelling of an existing piece), to those unique personal touches, embellishments and engravings.

The final masterpiece will be presented alongside original sketches, certificates, and photographs of your piece being designed in store.

How To Choose The Perfect Jewellery Gift

Whether you're celebrating 1, 10 or 50 years together, diamonds and pearls (not to mention rubies, emeralds and sapphires) are sure to impress.

But how do you choose the perfect piece? Which gemstone best reflects your relationship? And how can you make this year a little 'extra special'?

Matthew Ely shares five important things to remember.