everything old is new again

Family heirlooms are transformed into modern classics in Matthew Ely’s jewellery restorations. Melding original gemstones with modern styles, Matthew will literally “transform Grandma’s Jewels” into wearable, contemporary pieces.

No story is ever lost in these personalised, delicate recreations.

Reinvent or restore your family treasures

The Process

It starts with a private consultation. While sipping champagne in our luxury boutique, you’ll work with Matthew Ely to remodel old family gemstones and heirlooms into personalised, modern jewellery.

Together, you’ll brainstorm and select a design and style, blending original stones and settings with contemporary trends and individual flair. Matthew will put pen to paper, finessing a detailed sketch of your ideal recreation; a brand-new family heirloom that’s custom made for you.

Every Matthew Ely jewellery restoration is handcrafted by Matthew in-store. The final piece will be presented alongside original sketches, certificates, and photographs of your jewellery being created.

See case study '7 Pieces for 7 Nieces'

Be Inspired

Browse through these Matthew Ely Original jewellery restorations for inspiration before booking a consultation to create or recreate your own.