Meet Louis

He’s an artist, a designer, a jeweller and our favourite Parisian export. Say Bonjour to Louis!

Having trained at the Haute Ecole de Joaillierie, followed by stints at Chanel and Cartier in Paris, Louis is well versed in both Atlantic and Pacific styles.

In his words...

“Australians are more creative! While the French aesthetic is classic and reserved, the trend here is towards explosions of colour that go far beyond traditional diamonds. Think aquamarine, morganite, citrine, apatite, heliodor. It’s all about being bold and unique.”

Louis at the Jewellery Bench

Louis' Background

Louis studied in Paris at the renowned Haute Ecole de Joaillerie, later completing a coveted internship at Chanel.

At 22, he won first place at both the regional and European National WorldSkills competition, competing against “the best of the best” in numerous fields, from bakery to cyber security, web technology, fashion and jewellery design. Louis finished 9th in the world, which is how – in August 2019 – he met Matthew Ely.

“I worked at the Woollahra boutique for 5 months,” Louis recalls. “It was the most incredible experience… but then Covid hit. I had to leave in April 2020 and couldn’t come back to Australia until late 2022.”

Never one to give up hope, Louis transformed his small Paris room into a makeshift jewellery workshop. It was from here, with a little improvisation and a lot of creativity, that he handcrafted La Parade Azure – a piece that would go on to be a finalist at the 2021/22 Jewellers Association of Australia Australasian Jewellery Awards.

You can read more about the Making Of La Parade Azure here.

18ct White Gold, Apatite, Aquamarine, Zircon, Diamond & Tahitian Pearl Necklace
'La Parade Azure'

Paris vs. Sydney Jewellery

From someone who has experienced both firsthand, is there really much difference between Parisian and Australian styles?

For Louis, the answer is ‘yes’… but he prefers the bold panache of Down Under!

“There’s so much more opportunity to be involved in the detail, to be creative, to trial new colours and make things by hand,” he says.

“It’s rare to handcraft in Paris anymore. The big brands produce so many jewels that they need a faster method and tend to rely on CAD. While the quality is still high, you miss that extra level of detail and customisation."

“At Matthew Ely, we’re involved in the journey from beginning to end. This means everything from sketching and painting the jewellery concept, to sourcing gemstones, then handcrafting each element of the piece.”

An original artwork by Louis of his 18ct Yellow & White Gold, Citrine, Ruby & Diamond Drop Earrings

Pushing Creative Boundaries

In his own words, “I like anything that’s challenging!”

In practice, this means that Louis’ designs often push the boundaries. They are inspired by bold shapes and bright colours, each one handcrafted so it is truly unique. A taste of Parisian glamour with that little extra ‘wow’.

The best of both worlds, with a beautiful artwork included.


Please contact us if you’d like to enquire about Louis' designs or organise a custom made consultation.

“Australians are more creative! While the French aesthetic is classic and reserved, the trend here is towards explosions of colour that go far beyond traditional diamonds."