What Jewellery to Wear in 2023

A new year, a new collection, a bold new suite of jewellery trends.

2023 is set to be a melting pot of age-old designs and bold modern styles, blending the influences of Grandma’s 1920s jewellery box with post-Covid extravagance, ‘Viva Magenta’ and the unique sartorial expressions of a younger generation.

“It’s all about personalisation and bold, individual style,” says Matthew Ely. “Jewellery doesn’t complete the outfit; it is the outfit. Not the accessory, but the main event. If there was ever a rule book, it’s gone out the window.”

So, what does that look like in action?

On trend: Colourful cocktail rings, like this 18ct white gold, diamond & tanzanite ring

Colourful Gemstones & 'Viva Magenta'

Bright, bold gemstones aren’t fading away any time soon.

According to Matthew, colour blocking is only going to become more prominent in 2023.

“Even the classic engagement ring market is pushing towards alternate jewels like aquamarine, emerald and sapphire. Yellow diamonds have also really gained prominence and will continue to grow in popularity.”

And if he had to pick just one colour to define 2023?

“Anything pink or reddish,” says Matthew. “Whether that’s morganite, tourmaline or even pink diamonds. Viva Magenta, the Pantone 2023 colour of the year, is having a real moment in design and fashion across the board, and we can see that pulling through into jewellery.”

On trend: Statement earrings and 'Viva Magenta', like these 18ct rose gold, spinel & diamond earrings

Maximalist Earrings

Goodbye, minimalism. Nice knowing you.

Masks are (pretty much) gone and earrings are back, bigger and bolder than ever. Drop earrings, large chandeliers and oversized studs have hit the catwalks and red carpets with a vengeance.

“Distinctive and artistic earring designs – including enamel
earrings, colourful studs, custom made pieces and restorations – are really having a moment, particularly when combined with classic diamonds or pearls. Earrings are the first thing you see in an outfit and can be a real expression of individual style and personality,” says Matthew.

Yellow diamond and white diamond bracelets
On trend: Yellow diamonds & multiple tennis bracelets layered together. Add one more classic white diamond bracelet.

Layering & Stacking

Playing further into a rejection of minimalism, jewellery layering will continue to dominate the style pages in 2023.

“We’re seeing a move towards old-and-new layered combos, whereby a vintage or remodelled piece sits alongside a contemporary design, with a few classic diamonds or pearls thrown into the mix,” says Matthew.

“The combination of pieces can be varied per outfit, with each ‘look’ telling a completely different story.”

“In rings, this often means stacking full circle eternity rings with vibrant pops of colour, or wearing multiple rings across multiple fingers – a bold cocktail ring on the pointer, then a stack of rings (including engagement and wedding bands) on the fourth finger, and a little signet or pinkie ring to complete the look.”

The layering trend is equally if not more prevalent across diamond necklaces and tennis bracelets.

“It’s all about casual luxury; the accessibility or versatility of styles,” says Matthew. “Two classic diamond tennis bracelets and a ruby, emerald or sapphire colour pop. It’s day-to-night glamour that balances timeless style with a nod to contemporary designs and personalisation.”

On trend: Multiple pearl rings layered together for a unique look.

Not-So-Classic Pearls

Classic pearls are back in season, albeit with a makeover from their days in Grandma’s closet.

“The pearls we’re seeing are big – literally. Think oversized styles and Baroque gemstones that are paired with diamonds in earrings and rings, or layered with other necklaces and bracelets."

Colour fade sapphire and diamond ring handcrafted by Matthew Ely
On trend: Jewellery restorations like this 18ct white gold, sapphire & diamond ring, handcrafted using existing gemstones.

Jewellery Restorations
(Grandma's Old Gemstones)

Speaking of Grandma’s closet, "everything old is new again” when it comes to jewellery restorations and remodelling of vintage designs.

“During the lockdowns, many people found time to tidy up and explore old collections. As a result, there’s now a huge surge in heirloom jewellery and vintage gemstones, which are then repurposed into contemporary pieces.”

Find out more here or read about the Making of A Family Heirloom (this 18ct white gold, sapphire & diamond ring, remodelled and handcrafted using historic family jewels).

A new year, a new collection, a bold new suite of jewellery trends. Think Grandma’s 1920s jewellery box paired with post-Covid extravagance, ‘Viva Magenta’ and some not-so-classic pearls.