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Pink Gemstones

As the weather warms up, so too do the gemstone colours, and there’s one in particular that’s hard to ignore this season.


Fortunately, nature has a knack for aligning with fashion trends. Pink gemstones, in their various hues, can be uncovered from deep within the Earth’s mantle (pink diamonds), or the pegmatite deposits (morganite) and metamorphic rocks (tourmaline and pink sapphire) of its crust.

“There has unsurprisingly been a surge in demand for Argyle pink diamonds since the 2020 closure of the Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine in WA. With supply even more limited, this is true for both gemstone collectors and everyday jewellery enthusiasts,” says Matthew Ely.

“Pink diamonds are easily some of the most sought after, iconic gemstones in the world. But they’re not the only pink gemstones in demand this year.”

What are pink gemstones?

Pink gemstones encompass a diverse group of stunning gems that range in colour from soft, delicate pinks to vibrant, deep hues. Some notable varieties you will discover at the Matthew Ely Jewellery boutique include:

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires are highly valued for their beauty, durability, and rarity. Their pink hue – which can range from a light pink to a deep, saturated colour – is caused by trace elements, such as chromium or iron, within their crystal structure.

“The trend for vintage-inspired jewellery has led to a renewed interest in pink sapphires. They’re often used in intricate designs and can be handcrafted into soft ombre patterns, with various shades of sapphires arranged next to each other,” says Matthew.

Pink sapphires are also popular in engagement rings. They are the second-hardest natural gemstones, making them an ideal choice for everyday jewellery.

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Rubellite Tourmaline

Derived from the Latin ‘rubellus’, meaning ‘reddish’, rubellite tourmaline – or pink tourmaline – is known for its wide range of pink shades, from soft and delicate pastels to saturated red-pink hues.

Once considered a collector’s gemstone, it has become a popular choice for statement earrings, cocktail rings and abstract pendants over the last few years.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October and traditionally gifted on a couple’s 8th wedding anniversary.

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First discovered in Madagascar in 1910, morganite is known for its gentle pink to peach-pink hues. It belongs to the beryl mineral family, and is believed to promote love, emotional healing and compassion.

“There has been a huge jump in the popularity of morganite, particularly in the last couple of years,” says Matthew Ely.

“It’s a solid choice for drop earrings or cocktail rings, which are in particularly high demand this season, even more so when surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. Morganite is a great alternative to your classic diamond jewels, that’s a little more accessible than Aryle pinks."

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Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest diamond colours in the world. On average, they make up less than 0.01% of the total diamond production. This extreme rarity, along with their limited supply and spectrum of vivid colours, makes pink diamonds highly sought after by collectors, investors and connoisseurs.

“Engagement rings or wedding rings that feature pink diamonds in their design are incredibly sought after. In these cases, pinks are often included as highlights alongside your classic white diamonds, or even South Sea pearls. They can really elevate a design, transforming a more classic ring into something totally unique.”

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Pink Gemstone Trend Recap

Keen to incorporate pink gemstones into your jewellery box? Matthew Ely highlights the four big trends for 2023/24.

Pink Gemstone Rings:
“Morganite cocktail rings are in high demand, albeit still quite rare and very distinctive. A central morganite gemstone is stunning when surrounded by classic white diamonds, generally set in white or rose gold.”

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Pink Diamond Studs:
“While a massive pink diamond may be inaccessible, pink diamond highlights – even tiny ones – can really elevate a simple piece when set alongside classic white diamonds. Floral-inspired diamond studs are a popular choice.”

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Floral-inspired Pink Gemstone Earrings:
“Unique floral-inspired designs are in huge demand for spring, and really all year round. These artistic pieces are often designed by our incredible Matthew Ely jeweller, Velvet, and incorporate soft pink gemstones like morganite, pink sapphire or even imperial topaz.”

Matt's Choice: 18ct Rose Gold, Imperial Topaz & Lavender Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Delicate Circle Pendants:
“Diamond circle pendants are one of the most popular styles. That classic design can be elevated with the inclusion of pink gemstones – whether it’s a single gem or a series of colour fade pinks around the circumference.”

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