Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

There’s no piece of jewellery more deeply personal than an engagement ring. A symbol of love; a reflection of style. It is truly timeless, and truly unique to the individual.

But that's just the start.

Book a consultation to design your own unique custom engagement ring, explore Matthew Ely's bespoke women's and men's wedding rings, or discover a full collection of bridal jewellery. Perhaps even a diamond tiara?

Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Design the wedding jewellery that’s perfect for you; a symbol of your unique love story.

An engagement ring, your wedding rings, a bridal tiara, or that special gift to ensure you’ll remember this day forever.

Work directly with Matthew Ely, who will suggest, sketch and handcraft your custom made piece. You’ll be kept up-to-date every step of the way, so the final product will exactly match what you envisioned.

Your piece will be presented alongside original sketches, certificates and photographs of the design process.

The ultimate keepsake for an everlasting love.

Be Inspired

The Making Of: A Diamond Wedding Tiara

From initial sketch to final product, discover the story of this custom made diamond wedding tiara, handcrafted over 600 hours with 580 diamonds and 11 South Sea Pearls.

Classic Diamonds or Colourful Gemstones?

While diamond engagement and wedding rings are the classic choice, alternative gemstones like ruby, aquamarine, emerald and sapphire have gained popularity in recent years. Explore the options.

The Making Of: A Remodelled Family Heirloom Ring

“There’s something so special about redesigning a family heirloom. It’s like being given the first chapter to a story, then writing a full novel."