The Spring Bling: Vintage Floral & All Things Green

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

From the runways of New York, Paris and Milan, 2022 Spring/Summer jewellery trends are making their mark in Australia. And while, yes, florals are back in town – they’re brighter, bolder and more eclectic than ever.

18ct Rose Gold, Morganite & Enamel Flower Earrings

1. Inspired by Nature

“Eclectic, nature-inspired jewellery designs were big on the runways this season and are incredibly wearable day-to-day," says Matthew Ely.

“This trend spans from diamond flower studs to vintage-look floral rings and earrings, with an Art Deco vibe. It’s the perfect accessory to match those flowing dresses and skirts of Spring/Summer. Watch this space.”

"Sanctuary" 18ct Yellow Gold, Tourmaline, Diamond, Sapphire, Garnet, Amethyst & Tanzanite Ring

2. Bold Colours & Colour Blocking

“We’re seeing even stronger, brighter colours take centre stage for Spring, which is a shift from the pastels and watercolours of last year,” says Matthew Ely.

“Emeralds, sapphires and rubies are gaining popularity with a younger demographic, while maintaining their status as milestone anniversary gifts. These bold hues, and even multi-colours, are being worn much more comfortably, both with everyday outfits and as unique, forever pieces of jewellery.”

“We’re also seeing these gemstones in colour blocking and layering, sitting alongside bands of white diamonds for a look that can be worn day to night."

18ct Yellow Gold, Platinum, Heliodor & Diamond Ring
18ct Yellow Gold, Platinum, Heliodor & Diamond Ring

3. Green & Yellow

“While pinks, blues and bi-coloured gems are all making their mark, green and yellow are the real seasonal standouts.”

“There’s a green love story in the air – from clothing to interior design and Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring. Think tourmaline, tsavorite garnet and emerald, representing a full spectrum of hues on the palette.”

“Likewise with yellow, we’re seeing more yellow diamonds, yellow sapphire and heliodor coming back into the spotlight.”

Sketch of Paraiba Tourmaline & Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings

4. Organic Shapes & Keshi Pearls

“Spring is all about organic and earthy silhouettes, once again inspired by nature,” says Matthew.

“A prime example of that is a spike of interest in Keshi pearls, which are taking over from your more traditional, round South Sea Pearls.”

Named after the Japanese word for ‘poppy seed’, Keshi pearls are generally very small in size and irregular in shape. These unique gems are “natures accidents”, composed entirely of nacre and containing no nucleus at the centre.

“The freeform shape of Keshis means that no two gemstones are alike. This has made them very popular with younger generations; a little edgier, but wearable, effortless and equally luxurious. These aren’t your Grandma’s pearls!”

Platinum, Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ring

5. Ombre Colour Fade Designs

“The colour fade effect is a bit like painting with diamonds and gems. While it can take a lot of design time and energy to make perfect, particularly when it comes to sourcing specific colour gemstones, the final effect is well worth it. No two pieces of jewellery will ever look the same!”

Florals are back in town – but they’re brighter, bolder and more eclectic than ever. Discover Matthew Ely's top 5 overall jewellery trends of the spring 2023 season.