18ct White Gold, Aquamarine, Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Earrings


These 18ct white gold, aquamarine, sapphire and diamond cluster earrings contain 2 pendeloque cut aquamarines, weighing 9.62ct. Reminiscent of the ocean, these stunning blue gems are surrounded by 52 cabochon sapphires, weighing 3.97ct and 10 round sapphires, weighing 0.81ct. Ocean blue fades into white wash with 8 sparkling diamonds, weighing 0.43ct.

The total earring weight is 13.60 grams.

Once believed to be a precious treasure from mermaids, aquamarine gets it name from the Latin aqua marina meaning sea water. The birthstone of March and gem of the 19th wedding anniversary, it is today recognised as a symbol of faithfulness, courage and friendship.

This one-of-a-kind piece was handcrafted at the Matthew Ely Woollahra boutique and workshop.