18ct Rose Gold, Imperial Topaz, Lavender Sapphire & Diamond Earrings

SKU: 013-02463

Inspired by nature, these 18ct rose gold drop earrings feature an exquisite combination of imperial topaz, sapphires and diamonds.

The earrings were handcrafted with two oval topaz gemstones, measuring 10.5mm x 6.5mm and weighing a combined 4.78ct.

Hanging from these centrepiece stones are two handcrafted clusters, containing 10 1.5mm lavender sapphires, weighing 0.16ct, 6 marquise cut diamonds (0.21ct), 4 larger marquise cut diamonds (0.39ct), 8 pear shaped diamonds (0.40ct), 2 oval shaped diamonds (0.12ct), and 4 round brilliant cut diamonds (0.06ct). 

Imperial topaz is a rare and highly prized gemstone known for its warm, reddish-orange to peachy-pink hues and exceptional clarity. It is believed to promote good fortune, creativity and self-confidence.

This one-of-a-kind piece was handcrafted at the Matthew Ely Woollahra boutique and workshop.