18ct White Gold Paraiba, Diamond & South Sea Pearl Earrings

SKU: 013-02498

These handcrafted 18ct white gold, diamond and oval Paraiba tourmaline earrings can be worn in two ways - as elegant studs, or with an attachable drop pearl (as pictured).

The earrings are set with 4 marquise diamonds, weighing 0.17ct, 4 round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing 0.49ct, 6 smaller round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing 0.034ct, and two blue Paraiba tourmalines, weighing 1.84ct.

Paraiba tourmalines are renowned for their mesmerising neon-blue and green hues. Mined primarily in Brazil and Mozambique, these gemstones captivate with their stunning, electric colours, making them highly coveted by collectors and jewellery enthusiasts worldwide.