Top 5 Jewellery Trends of 2022

Two years of intermittent lockdowns, remote work and FaceTime catch-ups have had a major impact on what we wear (read: activewear and sneakers to the office) and how we wear it. Jewellery is no exception.

Boundaries have shifted, comfort is paramount, and our old style books were thrown out the window somewhere in the midst of a 7-day isolation period.

Matthew Ely shares some of the major shifts he has seen in high-end jewellery, alongside the key upcoming trends for 2022. Think colour blocking, ring layering, unique materials, new technologies and all things aquamarine.

1. Day-to-Night Jewellery

“There has been a real swing towards ‘casual luxury’ – day-to-night jewellery that is wearable in any circumstance, whether you’re going out to dinner or going to a Pilates class.

It’s about custom made pieces that are eye-catching but not too over the top. Think statement earrings that are bright and creative, simple yet elegant stacked rings, or layered tennis bracelets featuring colourful gemstones, rather than massive standalone diamonds.”

IMAGE (LEFT): Stacked pearl rings ft. 18ct White Gold, Diamond and South Sea Pearl Ring18ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Ring18ct Rose Gold and South Sea Pearl Ring

2. Colour Blocking

“Colour blocking is the juxtaposition of bright and colourful gemstones, things like aquamarine next to sapphire, dark and light blue.

Over the next year, I’d expect to see more yellows with oranges, purples with yellows, even purple with pink. Jewellery that doubles as artwork and really makes a statement.”

18ct White Gold, Aquamarine, Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Earrings

3. New Technologies, New Materials

“Post-lockdown jewellery design is really about pushing the boundaries, making use of unique materials, ceramics and enamels alongside traditional gemstones. There are some remarkable pieces being created with titanium, which can then be anodised so it turns bright green, or quartz treated with titanium to give it a rainbow spectrum effect.

This experimentation with new technologies is primarily coming from Europe, led by the big design houses like Boucheron. My aim is to bring these kinds of unexpected, experimental designs to Australia over the coming year. Watch this space.”

4. Aquamarine

“Aquamarine is the ‘on trend’ gemstone of 2022. Aligned to the movement towards casual, everyday luxury, it’s a gem that can be worn every day, rather than something that’s outfit specific.

The spike in popularity of aquamarine was also driven by Meghan Markle’s emerald-cut aquamarine heirloom ring, once owned by Princess Diana, who wore it during her 1997 visit to Sydney.”

IMAGE (LEFT): Aquamarine, Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

5. Layering/Stacking

“The layering of high jewellery can make particular pieces more accessible and suitable for everyday wear, once again playing into the casual luxury trend. Think ‘mish mash’ bangles and multiple tennis bracelets casually layered up a wrist or arm; perhaps a combination of classic diamonds and unique, bold colours.

“The same can be said for rings, even engagement or wedding bands. We’re seeing simple, elegant styles and eternity rings (with a full circle of emerald- or oval-cut diamonds) stacked together, often with colour pops of sapphire or ruby. It’s definitely a shift from the traditional big, statement diamond as centrepiece.”

IMAGE (BELOW): Ruby & Diamond stacked rings ft. Platinum Ruby & Diamond Eternity Band & Emerald Cut Diamond Ring