Top 4 Pearl Trends of 2024

In the revolving door world of fashion, trends come and go – but some timeless classics have the power to make a grand comeback.

Welcome to 2024: the Pearl Renaissance.

After a brief hiatus from the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ limelight, these classic cool mints are being re-imagined in exciting and contemporary ways. Think Kim Kardashian on the Met Gala red carpet, the Baroque pearl drop earrings favoured by Kate Middleton, or even a classic pearl necklace on the chest of Harry Styles.

According to Matthew Ely, “The pandemic presented the pearl business with significant challenges, resulting in changes to the way pearls were sold and distributed, but ultimately this has heightened demand on a global scale.”

“We’re only just seeing that demand really hit the Australian market, where pearls are still being sold at a reasonably low price point. I’d expect this to intensify in 2024 as these gemstones become more exclusive and genuinely rare. It’s crazy to think the very best, most valuable pearls come from the Pinctada Maxima shell i.e. our own backyard in the South Sea!”

So – what exactly is ‘trending’ in the world of pearls?

“While a classic diamond tennis bracelet is the staple, the trend is to layer a number of these pieces – diamonds, colourful gemstones, or a unique combination – up the arm, for an individual look,” says Matthew.

“Bright colours and artistic designs will also continue to dominate the bracelet market in 2024. We saw a real swing to these styles at the tail end of last year, with colourful sapphires, emeralds and tourmaline set alongside classic diamonds.

It’s a little cliché, but the term ‘wrist candy’ never did ring more true.”

Baroque pearl, aquamarine and diamond necklace by Matthew Ely


“We see people wearing pearls in a much more casual manner now than they were previously - whether that’s a simple pearl bracelet worn with a pair of jeans, potentially layered with a gold chain or diamonds, or a more opulent classic pearl look worn in a casual context. Even to the beach! It’s all about individual style at any age,” says Matthew.

“While they were considered a ‘grandma look’ for a while, pearls are really increasing in popularity amongst young adults. Over the next few years, I’d predict that a classic pearl strand will once again become a staple in the jewellery boxes of a new generation – and not just for ‘special occasions!’.”

“Of course, it’s all about supply keeping up with demand, and specifically the demand for more ‘individual’ designs.”

An 'individual' and casual Baroque pearl look
18ct White Gold, Baroque South Sea Pearl, Aquamarine & Diamond Necklace


“Classics are always in style, and the ‘perfection’ of a round South Sea pearl will always appeal. These tend to still be the ‘go-to’ pearl, so the popularity of rounds isn’t going to die down in the near future,” says Matthew.

“In saying that, Baroque pearls have really taken centre stage in 2023. Their irregularity, organic touch and uniqueness has been embraced by younger generations, whether showcased in long Baroque pearl necklaces, Baroque pearl drop earrings or individual Baroque stones in unique, custom-made pieces.”

“Baroque pearls are typically considered less valuable than round pearls, which is shown in the price difference, but demand for them is soaring as they become harder to find. The Baroque necklace we currently have in store is the last one that Autore had available in Sydney!”

“Under the umbrella of ‘Baroques’, you also have the incredibly rare and distinctive Keshi pearls. Smaller in size and irregular in shape, they are essentially pearls with no nucleus – meaning they’re composed entirely of nacre. In other words, incredibly lustrous!”

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Autore Baroque South Sea Pearl Strand

Ruby, Diamond and Baroque South Sea Pearl earrings by Matthew Ely


While traditionally worn as strands or a classic pearl/diamond combo, 2023 has brought a vibrant ‘colour pop’ twist to pearl jewellery.

“We’re seeing people customise and individualise their pearls by combining these with fancy coloured gemstones. It’s a real melting pot of classic and contemporary designs. I expect to see more of this over the next 12 months, particularly in earrings – things like aquamarine or ruby studs with a single hanging pearl,” says Matthew.

“Equally, we'll see the combination of pearls with more prominent metals, like 18ct yellow gold. Customers are taking a step away from the traditional setting to embrace a modern, geometric design.”

Image: 18ct White Gold, Ruby, Diamond & Autore Baroque Pearl Earrings

Autore South Sea pearl necklace and ring by Matthew Ely


Layering has been a prominent trend in jewellery over the past few years, and pearls are no exception. This style is perfect for day-to-night wear – mixing and matching various minimalist pearl designs like delicate Keshi pearl studs, long chain and pearl necklaces, or dainty single pearl pendants.

“We’re seeing people wear multiple strands of pearls, or combinations of pearls and diamonds, at various length. This adds a touch of luxury to everyday wear, while allowing for creativity and unique style to shine through.”

Imahe: Day-to-night pearl selects -
18ct Yellow Gold, Autore Keshi Pearl & Diamond Ring
18ct Yellow Gold & Autore Pearl Pendant

Classic pearls are well and truly back in the spotlight, but it's nothing like your grandma used to wear. From Baroque shapes to layering, here are the top pearl trends of 2023.