mother's day gift guide

5 Things Mum Actually Wants For Mother's Day

There are many things Mum does not want for Mother’s Day.

These typically include, but are not limited to:

  • An early wake-up
  • A handwritten IOU note
  • A ‘best mum ever’ mug/plaque/badge/hat/shirt
  • Homemade breakfast in bed (with associated mess in kitchen)
  • A family lunch that she has to organise
  • Supermarket chocolate
  • A new puppy

So, why not give Mum something she actually wants this Mother’s Day?

Here are five top tips from a jeweller, husband and son (Matthew Ely) who has quite a few Mother's Days under his belt, and has learnt from his own mistakes. 

1. A Diamond Tennis Bracelet (or add a little colour)

“This is an absolute classic, and my top pick for Mother’s Day. A diamond tennis bracelet is perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear, a morning yoga class, school drop-off, or work meeting. It also looks amazing when layered with other jewellery.

As a mix-and-match combo, I love this bold 8.12ct diamond bracelet (42 diamonds), with a more delicate 85-diamond design in white gold.

A basic gold link chain, or even a splash of colourful gemstones, can also complete the look. It depends on what’s already in Mum’s jewellery box of course… but you can never have too many classics!"

18ct White Gold & Diamond Bracelet (42 Diamonds)
18ct White Gold & Bezel-Set Diamond Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold Oval Paper Link Chain Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold & Pear Cut Diamond Ring

2. An Old Piece of Jewellery or Loose Gemstones, Reimagined

“If you want something truly unique, and have a little extra time up your sleeve, a jewellery restoration or remake is the way to go.”

So, what does this involve?

“Do you have any loose gemstones? An old or broken piece of jewellery that mum doesn’t wear anymore? A family heirloom that's a little 'dated'? Bring these into the Matthew Ely Workshop & Boutique, and we can use them to sketch, design and handcraft a piece that’s perfect for Mum. Something truly one-of-a-kind."

Note: Jewellery restorations can take a number of weeks to complete, depending on the project.

This 18ct White Gold, Pink & White Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Feather & Circle Pendant was handcrafted for a special client with various loose gemstones and remodelled pieces, each one a gift from her late husband.

3. A Classic Diamond or Pearl (or both) Necklace

“You can’t really go wrong with an elegant classic. Diamond tennis necklaces are incredibly popular and always a good choice. Alternatively, a single pearl or diamond pendant is something that Mum can wear every day. Add a personal engraving for something extra special."

18ct White Gold & Diamond Circle Pendant

4. Statement Earrings

“For Mums who love to stand out or have a unique sense of style, creative, statement earrings are the way to go. They’re fun but wearable and can really be the highlight of an outfit. Plus she’ll always get asked about them!

Stay safe with studs or pearls, or go a little bolder with diamond chandeliers and colourful gemstones.”

18ct White Gold, Diamond & Sapphire Flower Drop Earrings

5. A Sparkling Experience (Limited Availability)

Book Mum in for Diamonds & Delights: A Sparkling Experience at the Matthew Ely boutique. We’ll treat her like royalty, dressing her up in diamonds and pearls, with a personal consultation, plus Pommery champagne, sweet treats, and a private look 'behind the scenes' at how luxury jewellery is handcrafted.

Let the experience speak for itself, or add on a Matthew Ely Luxury Gift Voucher so that Mum can choose her own special Mother’s Day piece.

NOTE: This experience is complimentary for existing Matthew Ely clients. There are limited places available from Saturday 11 May to Saturday 25 May. Please book in advance.